Should Your Event Have a Call to Action?

Imagine if your "thank you" event did more than just say thank you to your customers and clients...

  • Could it drive traffic to your trade show booth?  

  • Could it encourage more people to attend your speech or convention session?

  • Could it encourage your guests to answer follow up calls and emails?

  • Could it help you schedule appointments?

It can.  It should.  Here’s how…

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Mike Duseberg
How To Make Sure Your Clients Remember Meeting Their Sales Rep at Your Hospitality Event

If you want customers to answer your rep's calls after the event, they need to remember meeting your rep at the event... Event planners can help sales reps (and even top executives) by making them memorable people.

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Five Ways to Make People Talk About Your Event

After all the time, money, and energy you’ve put into planning a corporate hospitality event, the big pay off comes when your guests tell their friends, family, coworkers and clients about the incredible experience they had at your event. Everyone who attended is excited to have been there (everyone who didn’t is just slightly jealous). Your name and brand are the talk of this conference, and your party is the “must do” event at the next one.

So how do you achieve this powerful star status? What are the secret components to making your event an unforgettable experience that your guests are talking about at breakfast the next day and continue talking about for the rest of the year?

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Jeanne Duerst