Mike Duseberg Magician

Mike Brings
“More” To Your Event!


Engage More People!

How can a close-up magician entertain hundreds of people?

Performing at the Boca Raton Resort and Club and at trade shows nationwide, Mike learned to perform “wide” – drawing crowds of people into his magic and engaging the entire venue. Mike brings the same style to your corporate event, engaging crowds of laughing, cheering guests.

Performing strolling magic at a cocktail party, you’ll see dozens of people surrounding him, so you can be sure everyone sees plenty of magic and has a great time.

On stage at a banquet or conference, Mike uses lots of audience participation to engage and entertain even the largest group. “The props aren’t the magic,” Mike says, “the real entertainment comes from the interaction with the audience and their reactions to what’s happening.”

“Mike wows us every time!”


More Than They Expect!

Your guests have never seen a magician like Mike Duseberg. His honest, engaging personality makes him welcome wherever he goes. Mike’s focus on using borrowed, everyday items makes his magic believable, and his direct approach to mind-reading and psychic effects makes every moment feel “real.”

"Customers look forward to our events."


More to Come!

Keeping your guests engaged and entertained is the big secret to successful hospitality suites and cocktail events. Mike builds crowd after crowd at your event, so your guests will see him perform several times throughout the night.

Mike enjoys talking with your guests after the show, too. It’s not unusual to have 30 or more people still watching Mike entertain long after your event has ended!

“In fact, four hours into the evening, Mike was still at it, with mesmerizing magic. The guests simply did not want to leave!”

Jim Fatsi, Brooklawn Country Club